Briefing Paper: Russian Forces in Ukraine

To Inform is to Influence

Igor Sutyagin in the 1990s

RUSI’s Dr. Igor Sutyagin just released a study of Russian forces used in and around Ukraine, for the past 16 months.

The report is damning, to say the least.

Take a moment and read about Dr. Igor Sutyagin at Wikipedia, which is the Cliff Notes version of his history. Dr. Sutyagin shared open source material with others and Russia arrested, tried and convicted him of spying.  Not only is this tragic, but this shows the extreme lengths of paranoia in Russia.  He shared open source material, yet they convicted him.  He had no access to classified material yet…

The paper can be downloaded here (pdf).

Briefing Paper: Russian Forces in Ukraine

The Russian military operation against Ukraine has revealed some of the constraints on Russia’s exercise of military power; primarily, its limited capacity to sustain an operation of this size.

While the annexation itself of Crimea was…

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